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Nate and Red from Dorr, Michigan say: It was great to get away
from the Norm and fish in the jungle known as Millwood, and the guides are extremely
knowledgeable, they know where, when and how to catch fish, are very informative
and the boat rides are extremely fun! If you wanna get out in the jungle, learn a lot
and have a chance to catch a trophy fish, Millwood Guide Service MUST be your only
phone call!
Jerry R and Steve LaSalle from Bay City, Michigan say:
Many thanks from the upper Mid-West! We made it back home yesterday to cold Michigan
weather again! My brother-in-law Steve and I wanted to pop you guys a quick and huge
Thank YOU, for the fantastic Largemouth and White Bass action and adventure on Millwood
Lake with MillwoodGuideService day-before-yesterday. We never expected to catch the numbers
of Bass before we got down there, we actually never been to the lake at all, but heard so
much good comments from our neighbors when they went out with your group last year, we
decided to give it a try this year! You and your Guides are all top shelf, quality Guides,
and what a professionally run outfitter! Steve and I would like to book a prespawn White
Bass run next spring, so please let us know what week in March is best for those huge fat
White Bass again! Thank you for a great service and outfitter!!
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