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Jack from Minneapolis, Minnesota says: Hi Millwood Lake Guide Service!
Jerry and I wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the tons of fun we had chasing the
HUGE white Bass with you on Millwood Lake in Arkansas last week! Man we just thought
Minnesota had big White Bass before we came down to Millwood in Arkansas! What a hoot!!
Jerry and I lost count of the big White Bass we caught with you in October this year, and wanted
to let you know we had a safe trip back north, and was trying to remember and recount all the
White Bass over 3lbs we caught in a 2-day fishing trip with yall.  We argued all the way home
that it was between 60-70 of some of the biggest White Bass we have ever seen!  We want to
come back in the Spring next year to chase those pre-spawn Whites in February too, when they
are really heavy with roe! Jerry said tell you hello, and hold a spot for us last 2 weeks of February,
and let us know when they start moving up that river!! We'll be BACK IN FULL FORCE!! HAHA!!
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