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Lou from Chattanooga says : "After rescheduling from the 2009, 16
foot flood of Millwood, we rescheduled twice for March 2010. We have been
trying to book a trip for several years here, and we finally made it. Both trips
were awesome outings on Millwood Lake with Mike. His overview, depth of
knowledge, and adaptability to rapidly changing conditions continually put us on
good Bass most all day long.
Post frontal conditions, 10-20 mph winds, and high bluebird skies are
typically not the best scenarios for finicky Bass. His ability to "read" the
water and how the fish relate or move, and experience of what works during
post frontal, high barometric pressure days allowed my brother and I to
learn from his vast inventory of skill sets and gain knowledge of what works
when the bites get tough.
We already scheduled and booked trips for October
and next April. A couple of great days for two old geezer brothers
fishing with Millwood Lake Guide Service. We'll definitely be back more often".

Larry and Ben from Memphis say: "Wow, what an awesome place and
fish producing lake! We had been to Lake Fork in Texas before, but had not been
to Millwood before. The scenery with the river sloughs, oxbows, cypress trees, is
gorgeous! Ben and I had a large time fishing with Mike at Millwood Lake Guide
Service in May this year. Caught lots of hard charging, hard fighting bass, and a
really nice one around 7.5 pounds that broke my personal record of 7 lbs on Fork
last year! Gorgeous place, nice cabins to stay right on the lake, highly recommend
fishing with Millwood Guide Service!!"

Doug from Memphis says: What a wonderful birthday present for me! My
wife bought a Full day Gift Certificate for a Bass fishing trip for my birthday! My
best fishing buddy and I showed up after a 7 hour drive to Millwood Lake with our
rods rigged for what we thought was Bass, but after seeing all the flooded timber
and stumps and cypress trees and lily pads, we had to re-rig our rods and reels
with some better line! I dont think 10lb test line will work here, hahaha! Glad we
were able to re-spool some 15lb test line and braid for this Arkansas JUNGLE! I
think Tommy said he caught 33 Big Bass and I know I caught over 40 in our day
fishing with yall! We were amazed at the action we had fishing Millwood Lake with
you, and we appreciate the level of quality and service your Millwood Lake Guide
Service provides!  We have hired fishing guides before, but your level of service,
hospitality, and knowledge far exceeds anything we have experienced before!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful experience with your Guide Service.