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Since 1988, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, southwest Arkansas Division, in its regular stocking program into Millwood Lake each year, have successfully introduced over 5 million Purebred Florida strain Bass Bull Fingerlings and Adults up to 8 pounds each to the population including over 750,000 in the last 3 years. Purpose: to improve the gene pool of Northern strain of Largemouth Bass. Why: The Florida sub-species live longer, grow larger, and fight harder. Recent studies and AG&FC shocking survey statistics indicate the Florida strain Bass' gene is taking root in the population in the F1 and F2 generations. Even purebred Florida strains have been noted in the F1. As of this year, another approx 528,114 Floridas have been added. Mortality/Survival rates can vary from year to year based on current conditions, from 5%/95% to 30%/70%. Sizes of the introduced Florida Bass ranged from 2" and 4" Bull size fingerlings, to 4-8 pound brood adults. Tags were added to some brood adults with an 800 phone number to the AG&FC and its own unique fish ID number. If you are fortunate enough to catch one of these tagged fish, and call them with the fish tag and identification info, AG&FC will give you a free gift or reward, from the state of Arkansas.

Venture to guess how large a 20 year old Florida Bass can grow, given Millwood's fertile ecosystem, cover and enormous shad population? State record size at worst, and world record size at best!

Prime spawning cycles (including the pre-spawn) begin in mid-to-late February and last through May on various parts of the lake. Summer, June-September can be a top water bonanza on this reservoir. Buzz baits, baby torpedoes, pop-r's, bass assassins,zara spooks, spit'n images, all draw ferocious attacks at the surface, on Millwood. Fall schooling activities usually begin in mid-to late September and continue through November, depending on cold fronts . It is common to catch numbers of 50 to 200 and more Whites and Blacks in the fall when the White bass run begins
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