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Kelly from Arkansas comments on a recent Run-N-Gun trip: " I really
enjoyed the trip. That same evening I went out to a couple of the spots we went to, doing
what you suggested and ended up catching 7 fish, 4 of which were keepers. Thanks to your
service I now have a few more tricks for my bag and a fresh view of things on Millwood and
thatís what I was after. Your service was professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Iíll be
in touch."

Greg from Jonesboro, AR says:"We had a great time at Millwood Lake! Mike was
very knowledgeable of the lake and helped us put some nice fish in the boat. I would
recommend a trip to anyone who enjoys fishing. Knowing that a trophy is a possibility with
every cast keeps the excitement up! If that is not enough, then the
occasional gator sighting should help. I look forward to another trip!"

Dan from Northwest AR says: "I spent a day on the lake with Mike, owner
of MLGS. I had a horrible experience..... because.....I don't like: Cruising through glass
smooth water in an immaculate bass boat at 50mph, being surrounded by the most beautiful
scenery I have ever seen, tossing a lure where Mike says; and watching the water churn
beneath it, fighting those hogs every 15-20 minutes, learning new lure presentations, and
Talking to one of the nicest Fella's that I've met all day about what makes Largemouth Bass
"TICK.î I THOUGHT this website was a place to get a guided trip of a Pork Chop Plant......
On the bright side, at lease I now know what a "HOG" really is! I hated it SO BAD that I've
already booked my next trip. My advice to others is to stay far away (more open dates for

Vince and Janice of Central AR say: "Mike made our 1st experience on
Lake Millwood a great one. We booked a two day trip in April, we were fortunate enough to
get Mike for our guide. His knowledge of bass fishing on Lake Millwood is outstanding. He
flat knows how to put you where you need to be to catch the bass. We really learned a lot
and had a great time. Vince is now a true believer in those Bass Assassins! He now knows
a bass fight like nothing else. As for me, I really had some doubts about going on 8 hr
fishing trip for one day, much less two. Mike made me feel right at ease, and as a matter of
fact I caught the first bass, but of course, Vince caught the biggest one. We are looking
forward to coming back this Oct for another fun trip. I just know there is a big bass waiting
for me!!"

Will in North Central Arkansas: My wife got me a guided fishing trip with
Mike Siefert from Millwood Lake Guide Service for our anniversary. Mike put my fishing buddy
and I on a ton of fish. We had a great time and will definitely be back. Always fun fishing new
water and learning something. I'd highly recommend Mike to anyone who wants a good fun
day on the water. Take a buddy, spouse, or child... I promise you'll have fun. Go look them up!

Jody in North Central Arkansas: My fishing partner’s wife, got him a guided
fishing trip will Mike Siefert from Millwood Lake Guide Service for their anniversary. Mike took
us out yesterday for a great trip. We caught lots of Bass almost everywhere he took us. Had
a blast. Mike is not only a great Guide and knows the lake like the back of his hand, but will give
you the chance to learn new techniques and presentations, along the way. If you are looking for
a great day on the water look Mike up at https://MillwoodGuideService.com you will not be

Dennis in Central Arkansas: Well I'm kind of a newby getting back into bass
fishing after a 40 year layoff, so I'm in the learning mode. I've fished with I think 5 different
guides now, and hands down no competition Mike Siefert was by far the most informative, the
most enjoyable, the most knowledgeable that you could possibly imagine. Passing on the
amount of knowledge about Millwood Lake, that Mike is able to do in an understandable way,
in a short period of time, was absolutely amazzing. When Mike says throw right up their by that
bush you need to throw right up that by that bush if you want to catch a Bass. I promise you
need to give this guy a try one time and just see if you want to come back. I will !!! Thanks Mike.

Jon and Cameron in Southwest Arkansas: Mike is great guide! He is
very knowledgeable and experienced. He knows the lake like the back of his hand! My son
and I had a fun day of fishing and a great time with Mike. Thanks again for a fun trip!

Jeff and Shannon in Cabot Arkansas: My wife and I Shannon had such a
wonderful time! We learned so much from Mackie, he's a treasure and you're very blessed to
have him! We cannot wait to come back in the fall and catch some bass with Mackie!! I can not
recommend Millwood Guide Service and Mackie enough!!
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