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MLGS Colorado Feedback
Charles from Colorado says: �I went out with Mike in early spring 2006
and had a great trip. I wanted to learn as much as possible about Millwood and Mike did an
excellent job showing me the fishery. I have another trip scheduled with Mike and it won�t be
the last�

Mike Karr from Loveland says: "When you pick a date on the calendar to
book a fishing trip you are hoping for the best but can also not predict conditions on the
water. My son& I fished some pretty tough conditions & some unpredictable Spring weather
(millwood is in tornado alley). Mike Seifert is a person you should listen to & also trust for
your safety on the water. With MLGS you can relax & learn to fish an amazing
spot in a beautiful area called "millwood lake". If you are looking for a life
changing fishing/nature/alligator of a time then book Now. Oh yea we did catch
lots of fish as well even in tough post spawn conditions.

Mike knows the lake very well & if you decide to bring your'e own boat then
book him for at least 2 days to learn even a small piece of this amazing lake.
You will need every minute of it to get a idea of what the fish are doing but,
also for safety. Along with millwood,s beauty a healthy amount of respect is
advised. The 16 ft alligator was also very cool to see @ a safe distance.

For those of you like myself with some health issues, Mike Siefert will listen
to you & plan your trip around how you feel & try very hard to make sure you are
OK the whole time. Just tell him what you need & he will do every thing he can
to make you as comfortable as you can be on a kick a-- bass boat. What a ride up
the river. Amazing is all I can say except, GET DOWN TO MILLWOOD LAKE- ASAP. You
will come away with some thing that will last a lifetime. Let millwood "get ya".

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