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New Mexico
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Feedback from our Clients
Steve and Carter from Wichita
Bud & 2 sons, Matthew and Jordan
Jim from Bowling Green
Edward Wilcox & son Lane
    from Shreveport
Tim and Ronnie from Alexandria
Kevin and son, Bladen from Texas
Larry from Texarkana, TX
James and Matt from Houston
Gary from North Texas
The Bishop's from East Texas
Stan from Dekalb Texas
Lauren, Dean, Andrew & Adam from Dallas
Ellis and Pat from College Station
Greg from Jonesboro, AR
Dan from Northwest AR
Vince and Janice of Central AR
Kelly from Arkansas
Will from North Central Arkansas
Jody from North Central Arkansas
Dennis from Central Arkansas
Jon and Cameron from SW AR
Jeff and Shannon from Cabot AR
Randy T and family from Little Rock
Jim from Little Rock
Jerry R and Steve LaSalle from Bay City
Nate & brother, Red from Dorr
Jack from Minneapolis
Charles from Colorado
Mike from Loveland
Coach Ron and son Tyler, from New Mexico
Winnie, Rich, and son Logan from New York
Jim, from Oklahoma City
Phillip and Sons from Broken Bow
Randy from Oklahoma
Preston from Tulsa
Richard from Murphysboro
John H from Chicago
Terry and Gene P from Illinois
From our Facebook Page Client Feedback!

a) Had a great time with Mike! Put us on a lot of fish and helped me learn a lot about fishing in general.
     Highly recommend their services!
b) The knowledge they have is extensive and time tested and Mike is just an awesome fun fellow.
c) Mike is awesome! Loved his insights & his willingness to share any information you asked.
d) Very knowledgeable about Millwood lake.
e) Wanna have some fun?? Give Mike a call and book a guided fishing trip, it's a lot of fun! And Mike is a really great guy too!
f) Had a blast with Mike on Lake Millwood Friday eating beef jerky, watching gators, and most of all giving bass an extra nostril
    on these Bass Assassins! If you are looking for a guide who will share his fishing knowledge and show you a great time on
    the water DO NOT hesitate to give this man a call.
g) I would like to Thank Millwood Lake Guide Service, VERY MUCH.
h) Just finished a booking with Millwood Lake guide service. Man, look at Mike's photo in the header to this page. He is one
     happy guy and it is infectious. My wife and I just finished an outing with him and even if we had not caught fish, you gotta
     love the time spent on a boat with him, as he does lift your spirits. Fortunately, on this trip, I caught the biggest bass I have
     ever caught in my life (six and a half pounds). Maybe Mike will post some photos.
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Chris from Virginia

Walter and Emery from St. Louis
Becky from Missouri
Ron from Missouri
Ron returns, from Missouri
Ron W from Missouri
Jim from Missouri
Matthew from Jackson
Adam and Ronny from Mississippi
Lou from Chattanooga
Larry and Ben from Memphis
Doug from Memphis
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