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Richard from Murphesboro says: "Not only was I impressed with Mike's
knowledge of the lake, but also his knowlege of the biology of the lake and it's residents. I
really enjoyed my trip and had the honor of participating in the stocking of 60,000 Florida
Bass while on my trip. I hope to revisit Mike and this wonderful lake again real soon. Thanks
for a great trip and all you contribute to the Lake, and the Arkansas Game and Fish".

John H from Chicago says: WoW! What a gorgeous place to chase the Bass!  Our
first trip fishing in Arkansas, we were not sure what to expect, most especially the HUGE
ALLIGATORS!! Just WOW! Some of these creatures look like dinosaurs!! We were amazed
how big these Arkansas alligators are, I know some of the ones we saw had to be over 15
feet long! Watching the gators, and the Bald Eagles on Millwood Lake with you just added
the icing to the cake of catching all the BIG BASS we caught!  My son, 11 years old is still
talking about the big Bass he caught (his was bigger than Daddy's!) and he is ready to come
back again in a couple months! A sincere and HUGE thank you for helping us make fishing
and outdoor adventure memories in Arkansas on Millwood Lake! We are planning to come
back again soon! Everyone should have this much fun fishing!!
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