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Jim from Bowling Green says:
"Man it was one a heck of an adventure with Millwood Guide Service!!
This place looks like a swamp in Florida!! I'm thankful Mike knew where we
were, because I got LOST! This lake is huge and spread out, I think around
30,000 surface acres, and full of stumps, Cypress trees, lily pads, reeds,
grass, and I lost count of all the oxbow lakes we went into off the main
river! We recommend you book a Guide with Millwood Guide Service, so you
can find your way back to the boat ramp!! What a fun outdoor excursion and
adventure, my Son Travis, caught more Bass in a single day on Millwood Lake,
than he ever has back home in Kentucky!  Mike definitely has a good crew
and Millwood Guide Service is your ticket to your next large time of outdoor
excitement! We already booked another trip while we were here, so we don't
miss out on the next BIG BASS ADVENTURE with Millwood Lake Guide Service!
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