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Tim and Ronnie from Alexandria say:
"Thank you for a wonderful day on Millwood Lake with Millwood Lake Guide
Service! Mackey was simply amazing putting us on slab Crappie this week, and
filleting our Crappie like a ProFISHional, haha! I think Randy said we kept
around 47 SLABS that Mackey filleted for us, zip lock bagged, and iced down!
What a heck of a nice guy and a great day on the lake with yall. We are already
planning another trip back to Millwood Lake Guide Service in February next
spring to whack a few more these gorgeous Crappie SLABS! Thanks again for a
wonderful trip! Cant wait to come back in the Spring!"
Edward Wilcox & son Lane, from Shreveport say:
"We were really surprised to find such a great outdoor adventure this
close to home! Millwood Guide Service's Guide Mike, put us on so many White
Bass, we lost count after catching over 75 hard charging, slamming White Bass
that almost jerk the rod out of your hands when they hit and fight! WOW, we
never new this place existed, and what a FUN DAY ADVENTURE for my son and me
to be so close to home and have this much fun, home on his college holiday!!
We are already planning another fun trip day back to Millwood Lake with these
guys, ASAP!! We would recommend Mike at Millwood Guide Service for you to book
your next trip, they are on the Bass like we have never seen before, and Lane
was completely worn out after fighting all these White Bass all day. He fell
asleep on the way home, hahahaha!! We'll be back again soon for another round
of THIS!!!"
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