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Matthew from Jackson says:
"Holy Moley, what a FUN ADVENTURE with Millwood Lake Guide Service!! I
booked a 3-day Bass Guide Trip with Millwood Guide Service, not really knowing
what to expect, but wanting to catch some of these Millwood Florida Bass we
have been hearing so much about on Millwood. First day, a cold front came in
and shut the bite down, i think we caught 9 or 10 all day, around 3-5 pounds
each. Second day was better, caught more Bass, around 12 or 14, about the
same size. Third day was even better, after that cold front had passed,
and the bite became more reliable once the weather settled down. My biggest
Florida Bass came in on the third day around 8.5 pounds, and fought like a
late-running freight train! I am thankful Mike was able to get her in the
boat so I could see her for myself. An hour after I caught her, my son-in-law
caught another giant Bass around 7 pounds. We are thankful the weather
finally cooperated, and for Millwood Guide Service helping us learn how to
fish for these big Bass when the weather throws all she's got at you!! Highly
RECOMMENDED, Mike at Millwood Guide Service will do everything possible to
help you catch these Millwood Monster Bass! Next trip, I'm looking to catch
Adam and Ronny from Mississippi say:
Hey Mike, Ronny and I wanted to thank you for the recent southwest Arkansas
HOSPITALITY from you and your Crew at MillwoodGuideService for the flat out
fantastic fishing adventure on Millwood Lake last week! Ronny said he thinks
we caught over 80 Bass each, in two half day trips, and it was a really LARGE
TIME with you and your Guides on the lake for both days. The courtesy,
professionalism, sincere hospitality is like no other Charter Outfitter we
have experienced before, and you and your crew are to be commended for the
wonderful trip days we had catching all those Bass on Millwood Lake. We will
be back again soon. Ronny said he's already getting his calendar out to see
how soon we can return for some more of this! LoL!!
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