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Walter and Emery from St. Louis say: "Millwood Lake Guide Service is a
guaranteed good time! Mike is an experienced fisherman who knows the lake from years of
experience. I think we went to a few places that hadn't even been discovered yet! (LOL). We
caught lots of big bass and had the best time. This was my son's first big bass trip, and he
can't stop talking about it! Thanks to MLGS for a great time and see you again in October!!"

Becky from Missouri says: "Just wanted to let you know that my mother and I had a
wonderful trip. Thank you. Despite the cold front, we had a great time. Lynn was a jewel of a
guide, making sure that we got to see tons of wildlife and set the hook a few times, despite
the best efforts of the crappie and bass."

Ron from Missouri says: "Mike, I want to thank you for the great guided trip I took
with you on March 31. I never would have figured out that lake without it. I was able to do
some more catching the next couple days after you had shown me around. If you get the
time, please email me those photos of the nice big bass we caught, off your camera. I plan
to look you up again, next time I am headed south to Millwood Lake. Many thanks for a
great guided trip, hospitality, and professional services, on Millwood."

Ron returning from Missouri says: Mike… had another good time fishing with you
on my 3rd trip, for the two days in 2020. We got plenty of largemouth and white bass. You
sure can handle a boat and your advice on where to toss that crank bait is right on target. I
plan to come back in March for another trip, which would be my 4th time booking you as a
guide.  I’ll be there for sure, just booked my 4th trip on your website!

Ron W from Missouri says: Mike... Thanks for the great 2 days fishing trip, all the
Largemouth and White Bass, and restringing my 2 rods. Weather made it good also. We'll
do it again soon, what days are open this spring?

Jim from Missouri says: Mackie of Millwood Guide Service showed me how to
navigate the lake for it was my first time, and afterward, I had very good ideas of how
and where to catch fish. Caught several fish that day and had several super days for
the rest of my trip. Very nice people and would recommend to everyone.

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