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Larry from Texarkana, TX says: "I recently moved to Texarkana and have been
fishing Millwood for about 6 months now. I had been reading Mike's fishing report all spring and
kept seeing the War Eagle Spinnerbait in Spot Remover mentioned. So I went and picked a few
up. The following day I caught and released my personal best, a 9 lb 4 oz. largemouth on that
very spinnerbait. The next day Mike took me out on a half day run and gun trip, and showed me
parts of that lake that I didn't know existed. Well the following Sunday, I fished in my first
tournament on Millwood, and went to the places Mike showed me and did the things he
suggested. I ended up finishing 3rd place in total weight and 2nd in the big bass pot. Keep in
mind, this was against locals!!! Thanks Mike. Next time we are fishing !!"

James and Matt from Houston, Texas say: "Matt and I had a blast fishing with
Millwood Guide Service! Mike definitely knows where to go and what to throw! He took us to 5
or 6 spots in a full day trip, and we caught fish every place we went! Matt caught one of the
biggest bass yet, and I didnt do too bad myself, LOL! We had a great trip and are planning our
second trip to Millwood Guide Service soon, we can't wait to come back and do this again! This
much fun should be illegal!"

Gary from North Texas says: "I'd Just Like to thank Mike, OF MLGS for putting me on
a beautiful 10.2 LB PIG BASS. The BIGGEST I’ve ever caught!!! I've fished with MLGS for over 10
trips in the last 2 years, and the bass just keep getting BIGGER!!! Without Mike pulling out his
pliers and chopping the Lilly pads like a salad shooter and working the net underneath her, this
AWESOME Florida Bass Millwood PIG probably would have gotten away.I can’t wait to go and get
that adrenalin rush again. This IS awesome fun stuff! Mike has done years of work with the
Arkansas Fish Commission and US Army Corps. Of Engineers on Millwood Lake improving the
fishery and navigation on the lake with pole marker boat-lines are just a couple of examples of
the great work at Millwood.He is very knowledgeable of Millwood and its “SWEET SPOTS”. To top
it off, he has top notch equipment! You should book a trip and hold on to your stick! I’ve already
booked my next trip and can’t wait! MLGS and Millwood Lake are incredible! What a piece of
Heaven on earth!"
NOTE: Gary from north Texas was the Big Bass Free Fishing Rod Winner from MLGS for 2004.

The Bishop's from East Texas: " MLGS is awesome! We had a blast, one of the most
beautiful, fun filled days of our lives! Thanks Mike! We'll be back.....SOON!" Besides, it was the
first time in 13 years that I had a chance to beat my wife at fishing and rub it in! I'm sure she'll be
after a big HOG the next time we come out!"

Stan from Dekalb, Texas: Thank you MLGS for a memorable Birthday fishing trip for my
son Shane(12 yrs old). We caught plenty of largemouths, hybrids, and whiteys on our fun filled
trip in October. I really appreciated the effort put forth by MLGS to find and catch fish. My son had
the "trip of a lifetime." Shane (and me) can't wait for the next trip. My son made it all worth it
when upon leaving he told me, "Dad, this was the best day of my life so far!" After swallowing
the old apple I said simply, "Mine too!" Special thanks to Mr. Siefert, he made 2 friends for a
lifetime. We will definintely be back again in the spring!!

Lauren, Dean, Andrew, & Adam from Dallas, Texas: "We had a great dad, daughter,
& 2 brothers reunion for a 2 day fishing trip with Mike and Mackey. My dad and I were in Mackey's boat,
Adam and Andrew were in Mike's boat. We couldn't have asked for a better guide. He was very sensitive
to what we wanted to do (we weren't picky, but he was diligent about periodically checking to make sure
we were not hungry or thirsty), kept throwing ideas for new places to try to fish, and was a great and
patient teacher. I hadn't bass fished in over 20 years and he definitely reminded me of the fun of fishing.
He also taught us about the fish, explaining where and why we would be likely to find fish based on the
conditions the two days we were fishing. He was also a complete gentleman, always calling my dad "Sir"
and me "Ma'am" even though my dad just a few years older than him! He was very, very polite. Adam
and Andrew caught some really big bass fishing with Mike, one of his biggest bass so far! We had a great
time; I hope to return to fish with Mike & Mackey in the future, and hope to bring my husband and maybe
even my daughters when they're a little older!"

Ellis and Pat from College Station, Texas: I am 78 years old and had not fished
for 40 years. My goal was to catch a bass. My wife is from Texarkana and we visit there often, so
I looked up a guide service and found Mike with Millwood Lake Guide Service. I booked a trip in
the Spring and caught a 4 pounder, but went back in the Fall of 2014 to try for the schooled fish.
Found the lake had been muddied by a recent line of storms, so we didn't find large numbers. But, I
caught the biggest fish I have ever caught, a 6 and a half pound beautiful bass. Wow, what fun. But
the trip is about more than just the fish, as Mike makes the whole thing a lot of fun. We raced across
the lake, and scooted into small tributaries and fished various types of water. All the while, Mike
explains the structure beneath the water's surface. We slipped into the Jack's Isle landing and picked
up my wife on one of the days and at 75 years of age, she caught her biggest bass also. Wow, you
miss a really nice time if you aren't out there with Mike.

Kevin and son, Bladen from Texas: We had a fantastic trip with MillwoodGuideService!
Our Guide for the day, Mackey, was very knowledgeable and made the trip very memorable for me and
my son. We are already looking at the calendar to plan out next trip with y'all! Thank you!
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